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Poultry Processing in Nanaimo B.C.

When will we be open?

That is a complicated question. There are 7 governing bodies we have to appease.

Thank you all for your patience.Many have heard that our project is coming together. The owner - Ben Glassen, has been producing pastured poultry for a number of years - Ben Glassen was an understudy to Lori Gillis at The Cluck Stops Here withthe intention of opening a new facility after they closed in fall 2020. Since November 2020, we have been engaged with Tuulyp Consulting who have helped the owner build a comprehensive business plan, secure funding, lease agreement and build a team of professionals & subcontractors to complete the build.

The plan is to build a poultry processing plant with the capacity of processing 300 broilers in a day, 150 turkeys or ducks in a day.The facility would consist of shipping containers converted into buildings. Five staff, a Provincial inspector, and the manager will work it.

Whole birds will be baggedby staff, bulk pickup can be requested.
Cut & Wrap will be available, this is BCMeat Inspectors - Class A.

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